Men on Board

Men on Board is a board gaming podcast where each episode will focus on a particular category within the hobby. The categories will be anything from a mechanic, to a theme, to a particular designer or publisher. Each episode will usually focus on two games from the category and contain a discussion of each as well as some compare and contrasting between them. Also, every episode will include a discussion that pulls back and looks at a more broad view about the board gaming hobby.

Episode 32: Cooperation

This episode ended up being a little bit longer because we were having a lot of fun in our Broader View, so hopefully you enjoy the extra content! The category this week is cooperative games, and both of our cooperative games that we’re talking about have an island theme: Robinson Crusoe and Spirit Island. In our Broader View, we continue with the island theme and we discuss what three games (or as Jameson insists three games and a deck of cards) would we bring to a desert island. We also all cheat and sneak in an honorable mention.

[00:00:00] - Introduction
[00:00:53] - Cooperative Games
[00:01:10] - Robinson Crusoe
[00:18:49] - Spirit Island
[00:36:17] - Comparison
[00:45:29] - Other Cooperative Games
[00:47:51] - Broader View


Aaron: Forbidden Sky
Josh: Sentinels of the Multiverse
Jameson: Battlestar Galactica
Mat: Big Book of Madness

Aaron’s Desert Island Games:

1) Arcardia Quest
2) Twilight Imperium Third Edition
3) Sentinels of the Multiverse
Honorable Mention: Cerebria

Josh’s Desert Island Games:

1) Scythe
2) Lost Cities
3) Werewolf
Honorable Mention: Ticket to Ride

Jameson’s Desert Island Games:

1) Arcardia Quest
2) Battlestar Galactica
3) Mysterium
Honorable Mention: Spirit Island

Mat’s Desert Island Games:

1) Captain Sonar
2) Schotten Totten
3) Werewolf
Honorable Mention: Ticket to Ride Europe