Men on Board

Men on Board is a board gaming podcast where each episode will focus on a particular category within the hobby. The categories will be anything from a mechanic, to a theme, to a particular designer or publisher. Each episode will usually focus on two games from the category and contain a discussion of each as well as some compare and contrasting between them. Also, every episode will include a discussion that pulls back and looks at a more broad view about the board gaming hobby.

Episode 15: Mad King Ludwig

This episode takes a look at two similar appearing games that are actually very different.  The category is Mad King Ludwig, who was actually King Ludwig II of Bavaria.  The games we're talking about today are Castles of Mad King Ludwig and The Palace of Mad King Ludwig, which are both tile laying games but play very distinctly from each other.  In our Broader View, we discuss aggressive gameplay and our personal reactions to it.

[00:00:00] - Introduction
[00:00:41] - Mad King Ludwig
[00:01:59] - Castles of Mad King Ludwig
[00:17:43] - The Palace of Mad King Ludwig
[00:31:31] - Comparison
[00:41:55] - Other Tile Laying Games
[00:44:43] - Broader View