Men on Board

Men on Board is a board gaming podcast where each episode will focus on a particular category within the hobby. The categories will be anything from a mechanic, to a theme, to a particular designer or publisher. Each episode will usually focus on two games from the category and contain a discussion of each as well as some compare and contrasting between them. Also, every episode will include a discussion that pulls back and looks at a more broad view about the board gaming hobby.

Episode 38: Historic War

As of this episode, our friend and occasional fill-in host Other Matt is officially joining the cast of Men on Board. We accidentally forgot to elaborate on how this is going to work moving forward on the show itself, but what will happen is that Matt is going to be more regularly filling in for Josh and other hosts are there are conflicts in our schedules so that we can produce even more content! That being sad, at the end of this episode we announce that there may be some delays in some upcoming episodes due to some logistics surrounding Aaron moving.

Anyway, in this episode we’re celebrating Other Matt joining us by talking about historic war games. In particular, we’re looking at Memoir 44 and 1775: Rebellion. In our Broader View, we have a discussion about the different ways that combat resolution is handled in games and what we like and don’t like about these systems.

[00:00:00] - Introduction
[00:01:11] - Historic War Games
[00:01:40] - Memoir 44
[00:17:02] - 1775: Rebellion
[00:33:01] - Comparison
[00:42:51] - Other Historic War Games
[00:46:45] - Broader View
[01:01:20] - Programming Announcement

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