Men on Board

Men on Board is a board gaming podcast where each episode will focus on a particular category within the hobby. The categories will be anything from a mechanic, to a theme, to a particular designer or publisher. Each episode will usually focus on two games from the category and contain a discussion of each as well as some compare and contrasting between them. Also, every episode will include a discussion that pulls back and looks at a more broad view about the board gaming hobby.

Board Game Kiki Episode 6: Origins 2019

Today we’re taking a look at the games that we played and our overall experiences that we had at Origins Game Fair 2019. We played a lot of games, so some of our thoughts are quicker than others!

[00:00:00] - Introduction
[00:01:38] - Origins 2019
[00:13:19] - Calico
[00:14:58] - Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale
[00:15:43] - On Tour
[00:17:47] - Gorus Maximus, Egizia: Shifting Sands, & Crown of Emara
[00:19:25] - Pipeline
[00:20:51] - Call to Adventure
[00:22:44] - Underwater Cities
[00:25:30] - Illusion
[00:26:33] - Medium
[00:29:11] - Smartphone, Inc.
[00:31:56] - Die Tavernen im Tiefen Thal
[00:32:55] - Obscurio
[00:35:51] - Endeavor: Age of Sail
[00:36:30] - Gem Hens
[00:37:20] - Tuki
[00:38:52] - Men at Work
[00:39:23] - One Night Ultimate Super Villains
[00:39:52] - Our Favorite Moments from Origins 2019

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